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Left Ventricular Endoaneurysmoraphy by Using Fericardial Patch
Hüsnü SEZER, Ahmet KUZGUN, Sirri AKEL, Cüneyd ÖZTÜRK, Sibel KUZUCAN, Selma SEZER
Kalp ve Damar Cerrahi Kliniği, International Hospital
Endoaneurysmoraphy is the recommended operation for left ventricular aneurysm repair, because it is more physiologic than the other known techniques. Pericardium is resistant to infection and thrombus formation, so it is anticipated that using pericardium as a patch gives superiority to these techniques.

Ninety cases which were operated on between september 1996 and september 1998 were evaluated in preoperative and postoperative period. In 85 patients CABG, in one patient MVR were done in addition to the endoaneurysmoraphy and in five patients isolated endoaneurysmoraphy was performed. Angina pectoris in 70 patients, dyspneae in 18 patients and dyspneae with VT attacs were primary indications. Ejection fractions were measured by echocardiography, Preoperatively the mean was %31.65±6.25 and postoperatively it was %45.65±10.07 (p<0.005). PCWP was decreased from 15±5 mmHg. to 11 ±3 mmHg. And PAP was also decreased from 30.2±8 mmHg. in the preoperative and postoperative period (p<0.05).

Two patients died at the early postoperative period. in follow up period ranging from 1-22 monts (12±7.3), 75 patients were in NYHA class 1 or II, 4 patients were in were class III and 1 patient was in class IV. In 3 patients, NYHA functional capacity was unchanged, in 1 patient class III deterioted to class IV.

Left ventricular endoaneurysmoraphy can be performed with low early mortality. Hemodynamic and functional improvement may be obtained. Autolog pericardial usage prevents infection and thrombus formation.

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