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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
Late thoracic endovascular stent graft repair after complicated acute type B dissection
Sedat Özcan1, Ayşegül Kunt2, Dolunay Odabaşı3
1Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Medical Faculty of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Çanakkale, Turkey
2Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, İzmir, Turkey
3Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Medical Faculty of Yüzüncü Yıl University, Van, Turkey
DOI : 10.5606/tgkdc.dergisi.2016.12129
Thoracic endovascular stent repair is a life-saving treatment option for patients with complicated type B aortic dissection. In this article, we present a 32-yearold male case referred with ruptured acute type B aortic dissection after injury. Thoracic endovascular stent graft repair was successfully performed 72 hours following the onset of complicated acute type B aortic dissection.
Keywords : Acute injury; aorta; endovascular stenting
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