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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
Anxiety and depression as possible criteria in the treatment of bronchiectasis
Hakan Keskin1, Hülya Dirol2, Makbule Ergin1
1Department of Thoracic Surgery, Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, Antalya, Turkey
2Department of Chest Diseases, Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, Antalya, Turkey
DOI : 10.5606/tgkdc.dergisi.2021.20389
Background: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of bronchiectasis operation on anxiety and depression.

Methods: Between August 2014 and March 2019, a total of 167 patients with bronchiectasis (107 males, 60 females; mean age: 43.5±13.9 years; range, 18 to 84 years) who received medical (n=70) and surgical (n=97) treatment were retrospectively analyzed. Data including patients" characteristics, operation indication, operation type, and bronchiectasis localization were obtained from the electronic patient files. The patients were reached via phone calls and evaluated whether the operation provided a significant symptomatic improvement and whether the symptoms disappeared. The number of exacerbations/hospitalizations associated with bronchiectasis within the last year was also questioned. The anxiety and depression status of the patients in both groups was assessed by the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.

Results: Eleven (15%) patients in the medical group and 10 (10%) patients in the surgical group had an anxiety score above 7. Twenty-one (30%) patients in the medical group and 10 (10%) patients in the surgical group had a depression score above 7. Both the anxiety and depression scores were significantly lower in the surgical group than the medical group (p<0.001). Annual exacerbation and annual hospitalization rates were also significantly lower in the surgical group (p<0.001).

Conclusion: Our study results suggest that patients with bronchiectasis treated medically rather than surgically are more prone to be anxious and depressive. The benefits of surgical treatment in patients with bronchiectasis is not limited to improving symptoms and decreasing the frequency of exacerbations/hospitalizations. We believe that surgical treatment also reduces anxiety and depression and improve the quality of life. While making a surgical decision, the anxiety/depression status of bronchiectasis patients should be considered.

Keywords : Anxiety, bronchiectasis, depression, hospitalization, surgery
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