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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
Aortic pseudoaneurysm formation following multiple valve replacement
Ahmet Akgül, İlknur Bahar, Seyhan Babaroğlu, Adnan Çobanoğlu
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Türkiye Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital, Ankara
Pseudoaneurysm formation at the ascending aortic suture line is a rare but life-threatening complication. After reincisions of the ascending aorta as in re-aortic valve replacement, the patient should undergo regular echocardiographic studies and re-reoperation should quickly follow a diagnosis of pseudoaneurysm formation. Interposition of supravalvular aortic graft may be the surgical treatment of choice because its long term results are better when compared with those of other surgical techniques. We present a case with a giant pseudoaneurysm following re-aortic valve replacement and its treatment.
Keywords : Aortic pseudoaneurysm; aortic valve replacement; graft interposition; redo surgery
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