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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
Early and late results in surgical excision of primary cardiac tumors: Our single-institution experience
Hüseyin Kuplay1, Erol Kurç1, Evren Müge Mete1, Zuhal Kuş2, Sevinç Bayer Erdoğan1, Serdar Akansel1, Nehir Tandoğar Selçuk1, Serap Aykut Aka1
1Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Dr. Siyami Ersek Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Training and Research Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey
2Department of Pathology, Haydarpasa Numune Training and Research Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey
DOI : 10.5606/tgkdc.dergisi.2018.14985
Background: In the present study, we present our experience for surgical excision for cardiac masses and to analyze survival characteristics of these patients.

Methods: Between January 2004 and December 2015, a total of 131 patients (88 females, 43 males; mean age 49.4±16.2 years; range, 1.2 months to 81 years) with primary cardiac tumors who underwent surgery in our center were included in this study. Demographic and other patient-related data were retrospectively reviewed from medical records of our center.

Results: All benign tumors were completely resected, whereas only palliative procedures were performed for malignant tumors. Pathology results revealed 88.5% (n=116) benign and 11.5% (n=15) malignant tumors. Tumors were most frequently located in the left atrium (76.3%, n=100), followed by the right atrium (11.5%, n=15), and the right ventricle (5.3%, n=7). Among all patients, 116 (88.5%) survived, while late mortality was seen in 15 patients (11.5%). The mean survival was 130.6±4.5 months. The latest mortality was observed at 124 months, whereby the cumulative survival rate was 79.2%. There was a statistically significant relationship between mortality and pathological characteristics of the tumor, and malignant cases had significantly higher mortality rates (p=0.002).

Conclusion: Surgical resection of primary cardiac tumors can be performed with low morbidity and mortality rates. Although survival rates in benign tumors are satisfactory, patients with malignant tumors have poor prognosis. The main clinical predic

Keywords : Cardiac mass; mortality; myxoma; primary cardiac tumor; survival
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