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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
Aneurysm Formation Secondary To The Use of A Bovine Vascular Graft
Murat Uğurlucan, Murat Başaran, Ufuk Alpagut, Enver Dayıoğlu, Ertan Onursal
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Medicine Faculty of İstanbul University, İstanbul
Biological vascular grafts have been used for the treatment of peripheral arterial diseases for more than 30 years. These materials carry various risks such as thrombosis, infection, and aneurysm formation. A 53-year-old male patient underwent femoropopliteal bypass operation with the use of a bovine mesenteric vein graft for left superficial femoral artery occlusion. He developed a pulsatile mass in the left inner thigh region a month after surgery, which was found to be a primary aneurysm of the xenograft. The aneurysmatic biologic material was replaced with a polytetrafluoroethylene graft. The patient was discharged on the sixth postoperative day without any complications.
Keywords : Aneurysm; arterial occlusive diseases/surgery; bioprosthesis; femoral artery/surgery; groin/blood supply; popliteal artery/ surgery; postoperative complications; transplantation, heterologous
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