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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
Pulmonary Embolism: Non invasive Diagnosis Using Electron Beam CT
Muzaffer Savaş TEPE, Esat İzzet MEMİŞOĞLU, Mustafa MENTEŞ, *Cihangir ERSOY
TEST Cardiovascular Imaging, Nisantası, Istanbul, Turkey.
*American Hospital, Dept. of Cardiovascular Surgery, Nisantası, Istanbul, Turkey

Background: To evaluate and detect pulmonary embolism by using EBCT (Electron Beam Computerised Tomography ) Angiography of the pulmonary arteries.

Methods: Within eighteen months period (between march 2000 and november 2001), five patients suspected of having pulmonary embolism (PE) underwent contrast material enhanced thin section EBCT Angiography of the pulmonary arteries.

Results: Four of the five patients had pulmonary embolism. Thrombosis was unilateral in 75% of patients and located in the right side of the lung. In one patient with pulmonary embolism we were able to compare EBCTA results with invasive angiography.

Conclusion: EBCTAngiography is a cost effective, noninvasive and comprehensive diagnostic method for pulmonary embolism, making possible the evaluation of all thoracic structures, including mediastinum and parenchyma as well as ruling out pathology simulating the symptoms of pulmonary embolism.

Keywords : Electron Beam Computerized Tomograhy (EBCT), embolism, thrombus
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