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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
Schwannoma arising from the right phrenic nerve
Sedat Gürkök, Onur Genç, Alper Gözübüyük, Hasan Çaylak, Kuthan Kavaklı
Department of Thoracic Surgery, Gülhane Military Medical School, Ankara
Schwannoma of the intrathoracic phrenic nerve is a rare presentation. Routine chest X-ray examination of a 43-yearold asymptomatic man revealed a smooth, round, abnormal shadow in the right hilum adjacent to the heart. Computed tomography showed a regular mass in the right cardiophrenic junction, measuring 7x5x5 cm. On exploratory right thoracotomy, there was a firm mass involving the right phrenic nerve at the level of the cardiophrenic junction. The mass was peeled off along the phrenic nerve from the pericardium. Histopathology showed a benign schwannoma originating from the right phrenic nerve. Temporary mild right diaphragmatic eventration occurred after the operation but there was no respiratory distress. The patient’s respiratory function returned to normal nine months after the operation.
Keywords : Neurilemmoma/surgery; peripheral nervous system neoplasms; phrenic nerve
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