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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
Giant pericardial cyst causing compression atelectasis of the lower lobe
Erdal Yekeler1, Cemal Gündoğdu2
1Department of Thoracic Surgery, Palandoken State Hospital, Erzurum
2Department of Pathology, Medicine Faculty of Atatürk Universty, Erzurum
Pericardial cysts are rare, congenital, and benign mediastinal lesions. These cysts are usually asymptomatic unless they reach large sizes. A 47-year-old man with a history of exertional dyspnea was admitted after radiographic detection of atelectasis in the right lower lobe of the lung. Multislice computed tomography of the thorax revealed a well-defined, thin-walled, fluid-filled, and homogenous cystic lesion, measuring 23x14x13 cm and causing atelectasis of the right lower lobe. A right lateral thoracotomy was performed to reach the cyst. A clear cyst fluid amounting to 1,700 ml was drained. The cyst was transparent and thinwalled and had no adhesion to the adjacent tissues. After drainage of the fluid, it was understood that the cyst originated from the pericardium. The cyst wall was resected without any pericardial injury. Histopathological diagnosis was reported as a pericardial cyst.
Keywords : Mediastinal kist/cerrahi; pulmoner atelektazi/ etyoloji
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