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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
The diagnostic difficulty and surgical observation in a case with three different tumors coexisting in the lung
Ersin Arslan1, Maruf Şanlı1, A. Ferudun Işık1, Osman Elbek2, Erkan Akar1, Bülent Tunçözgür1, Levent Elbeyli1
1Gaziantep Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Göğüs Cerrahisi Anabilim Dalı, Gaziantep
2Gaziantep Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Göğüs Hastalıkları Anabilim Dalı, Gaziantep
DOI : 10.5606/tgkdc.dergisi.2011.033
Despite all the advances in the diagnostic methods for lung pathologies, surgical observation still maintains its importance as a diagnostic method. Thoracic computed tomography revealed multiple lesions with different sizes in the right intermediate bronchus, the right upper lobe and the right lower lobe of a 76-year-old male smoker patient with the diagnosis of chronic bronchitis. The histopathological diagnosis for the lesion in the right intermediate bronchus resected with bronchoscopy was reported to be papilloma. The histopathological diagnosis of the lower lob lesion, wich was removed by pneumotomy via right thoracotomy, was found to be chondroid hamartoma. The biopsy performed from the upper lob lesion was reported as non-small cell carcinoma. The pathological stage of the patient was found as IA (pT1N0M0) in the histopathological evaluation following right apical segmentectomy performed through right rethoracotomy. No adjuvant chemotherapy was administered to the patient after the surgery. The 16-month follow-up period was without any problems. Multiple coexisting lesions in the lung should each be separately assessed. Surgical observation sometimes appears to be the only way of diagnosis in such cases despite all the diagnostic interventions.
Keywords : Hamartoma; lung cancer; papilloma; synchronize tumor
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