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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
Results of Extended Thymectomy on Myasthenia Gravis
Ege Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Kalp Damar Cerrahisi Anabilim Dalı, İzmir
*Ege Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Göğüs Cerrahisi Anabilim Dalı, İzmir

It is well-known that an extended thymectomy, provides a good remission in patients with myasthenia gravis (MG), especially in early stages. In this retrospective study, the results of 26 cases with MG whom treated by extended thymectomy between 1987-1997 were presented. All patients were initially evaluated by a neurologist, and myasthenia gravis was diagnosed on the basis of clinical presentation and edrophonium chloride test results. Before the operation, patients were detected routinely by computerized tomography (CT) of the thorax. Among the cases whom CT examination showed thymic enlargement underwent thymectomy and all of the patients with histopathologically confirmed thymoma were included in the study. There were 14 female and 12 male patients, with a mean age of 54.4 (range 43 to 67). The begininng of clinical symptoms varied from one to six months. Anticholinesterasic agents with or without cortico-steroids were administered to all patients preoperatively. Extended thymectomy via median sternotomy was performed. There was no operative mortality and no need for postoperative mechanical ventilation support for more than 24 hours. The follow-up period was 4 months to 9 years. Complete remission rate was 42% (n=11) and partial remission rate was 46% (n=12), whereas three patients (12%) had no surgical benefit.

In the present study, the effects of extended thymectomy on the patients with thymomatous MG were assessed, and the results were discussed in the light of pertinent literature.

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