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Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery     
The effect of kinesio taping on pain, respiratory function, and muscle strength after thoracotomy
Neriman Temel Aksu1, Mükerrem Erdoğan2, Abdullah Erdoğan3
1Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Akdeniz University Faculty of Health Sciences, Antalya, Türkiye
2Vocational School of Health Services, Akdeniz University, Antalya, Türkiye
3Department of Thoracic Surgery, Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, Antalya, Türkiye
DOI : 10.5606/tgkdc.dergisi.2023.24407
Background: This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of kinesio taping on pain, respiratory function, and respiratory muscle strength in patients after posterolateral thoracotomy.

Methods: Between June 2019 and May 2020, a total of 88 patients (48 males, 40 females; mean age: 56.1±9.0 years; range, 28 to 69 years) following posterolateral thoracotomy were randomly allocated to the therapeutic kinesio taping group (n=44) or the control group (n=33). Kinesio taping was applied to the kinesio taping group for seven days. Pain, respiratory functions, respiratory muscle strength, amount of analgesic drug use, and quality of life were evaluated preoperatively, on postoperative Day 0, before tape application, postoperative Days 1, 2, and 7, and at postoperative first month.

Results: There was no significant difference between the groups in terms of demographic and clinical characteristics. The results of respiratory functions and respiratory muscle strength were all improved in both groups, while there were more significant improvements in the kinesio taping group. There was a statistically significant difference in the mean Visual Analog Scale scores on postoperative Days 2 and 7 between the two groups. The amount of tramadol use of the patients in the kinesio taping group was significantly lower on postoperative Days 2 and 7 than in the control group.

Conclusion: Kinesio taping is an effective method to reduce pain and improve respiratory function after posterolateral thoracotomy. Therefore, it is thought that kinesio taping should be applied as a part of the pulmonary rehabilitation program after thoracotomy.

Keywords : Kinesio tape, pain, pulmonary function, pulmonary muscle strength, thoracotomy
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